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They are becoming more and more popular for mouth swab tests. This kind of test is inexpensive, quick, and non-invasive. Furthermore, a mouth swab test can be carried out immediately under direct observation. 

You will understand how to pass an oral drug test after reading. In this article, we’ve covered everything from detox products to natural ways to pass a saliva drug test. If you adhere to the recommendations provided below, the mouth swab test won’t be able to detect any drugs, whether they are cannabis, marijuana, or pot.

What Is Mouth Swab Drug Test?

One of the most popular drug tests used to identify substance use is the mouth or oral swab test. This test’s procedure system is quite straightforward. Your saliva is collected using a swab, and its contents are then tested for drug residues.

Drug residue can be collected using a mouth swab because most medications are taken orally. Therefore, for at least 48 hours after ingesting a substance, it may be possible to detect it in your saliva. This includes smoked marijuana, cocaine snorted, edible marijuana, vaped marijuana, smoked methamphetamine, illicit fentanyl lollipops, and other drugs.

Any of these may be present in your saliva if you last had them within the previous two to three days. Because of this, even though the detection time is short, this test is still very effective and is used by many organizations, particularly employers, to evaluate potential employees.

Procedure Of Mouth Swab Drug Test

Unlike a supervised urine drug test, you won’t have to feel self-conscious during this test. Unlike a hair follicle drug test, it doesn’t call for you to chop off all of your hair. A saliva drug test sample collection procedure is as easy as they come. Look at the subsequent steps to gain a better understanding of the procedure.

  • The person in charge of taking the sample would insert a stick covered in an absorbent pad or sponge into the subject’s mouth.
  • You could absorb oral fluid by swabbing the Strick all over your mouth.
  • The sample will be examined to look for drug residues after being collected.
  • The entire procedure can be carried out either on-site or in a lab.

You would receive the outcome quickly if it was a mouth swab test conducted on-site. Normal processing times range from two to three minutes. It would take about 24 hours to get the results if you were performing the test in a lab.

Despite the test being straightforward, there are a few prerequisites that must be met. Eating is prohibited during a mouth swab test. For at least 10 minutes before the test, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything.

How To Pass Mouth Swab Test?

Let’s now move on to ways to pass the oral test after covering everything there is to know about oral testing. If you haven’t used drugs the day before the test, as was already mentioned, you should have little trouble passing this test.

You can either use detox products or homemade remedies to pass a mouth swab test.

To help you pass the test, consider using the following detoxifying products:

Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash

With the help of the specially formulated Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash, you can completely rid your mouth of any toxins associated with drugs that can be detected. Use it right before the drug test; that’s all you have to do.

Because Toxin Rid is a reputable company, using its mouthwash is safe. You can easily transport it to work because it comes in a tiny 1-ounce bottle. It is also simple to get rid of.

How to use it:

  1. Use one-third of toxin-rid mouth wash
  2. Swish and gargle for 2-3 minutes
  3. Spit it out
  4. Repeat with the remainder of the bottle
  5. Rinse properly
  6. Use breath mints to cover the smell if available

Keep in mind that too much swishing might produce fruitless results. Swish for just two minutes to avoid arousing suspicion.

Detox Drinks

You can still use these for oral testing even though they are more useful for urine testing. However, because they don’t contain creatine, it might result in a diluted sample that yields conflicting results. Therefore, if you are considering using a detox drink, combine it with a creatine supplement.

Home remedies to pass mouth swab drug test

Drug residues can be removed by the oxidizing agent peroxide. You can pass an oral drug test with the aid of this adulterant. Since it is present in many varieties of mouthwash, it is unlikely to be found during the test.


  1. Take a small sip of 3% peroxide mouthwash
  2. Swig it with water
  3. Swish for 1 minute
  4. Spit out
  5. Go ahead, and you have a high chance of passing the drug test

Even chewing gum is now containing hydrogen peroxide, according to some businesses. The entire procedure is brilliant because it allows you to chew gum covertly right before the test. The gum is perhaps the most practical and covert choice, but it’s not everywhere.

It’s also crucial to remember that hydrogen peroxide only clears your mouth for 30 minutes. In situations where you have no prior notice, it is a suitable method. We conclude that the peroxide method is more cost-effective and effective than detox mouthwash. However, the safest detox products are Toxin rid or Stinger, so choose those if you prefer them.

Stinger Mouthwash

Another well-liked option for cleaning your mouth right before the test is “Stinger Mouthwash,” which can be swallowed once you’ve finished swishing. Due to the presence of niacin, amino acids, and some sugars, it is completely safe. Because of this, it can be used right away without needing to spit in a sink. It costs more than the majority of mouthwashes, though.

Other Home Remedies:

You can use organic products if your objective is to pass a drug test in two days. Your best bet, if you’re fortunate enough to know your test date in advance, is to hydrate yourself and let nature naturally remove all of the metabolites from your body. The following are effective home remedies:

  1. vigorously swishing water around your mouth, followed by repeated rinsings.
  2. Chewing on ice as much as possible as it helps in diluting the THC content in your saliva
  3. Consume fatty foods because THC is a fat-soluble substance and will quickly absorb into lipids. Therefore, eating fat prior to the test can speed up the rate at which THC is absorbed and eliminate it from your saliva. However, keep in mind that this might let you off the hook from an oral test but not a blood test because it increases the amount of THC-COOH stored in fat cells.
  4. Due to its antioxidant properties, cranberry juice can be a useful mouthwash. However, unless you have at least a week to detox your body, we wouldn’t put our money on it. Although it does aid in the natural excretion of unwanted drugs, you cannot merely rely on it to pass a drug test.
  5. Many people have reported success with drinking vinegar, but this method is not fun. Despite the fact that it works, we don’t advise using it because of the negative side effects like indigestion, nausea, and vomiting. Because of the acidic flavor and strong odor, we don’t believe your stomach can handle it. All things considered, if you’re still considering drinking vinegar to pass the test, please do your body a favor and find an alternative method. Later on, you’ll be grateful that you did.
  6. You must be aware of a naturally occurring root known as goldenseal that helps people pass drug tests. Although it doesn’t guarantee to pass, we will caution you against relying solely on it. You wouldn’t even know where to look for goldenseal root, let alone know where to find it.

You don’t need to try every gimmicky trick you come across and scurry around health food stores looking for obscure roots and inedible products when there are already so many options available. Instead, if you have time, keep rinsing your mouth out and, if you can, find a good mouthwash.

Which Drugs Can Be Found With Mouth Swab Test?

Usually, these tests are used to determine whether a subject has consumed cannabis. But besides THC, it can also detect a number of other drug substances with ease. Your employer is able to determine whether you use drugs or not with a multi-panel drug test.

It might be fairly simple to pass a saliva drug test for THC. It is unable to identify THC in your body. However, the same may not be simple when it comes to drugs like cocaine, opioids, or alcohol. Only if some THC traces are still present in your mouth after the test can detect the presence of THC. The following drugs can be found using saliva drug tests.

  •       PCP
  •       Cannabis
  •       Alcohol
  •       Amphetamines
  •       Opioids
  •       Methamphetamines
  •       Barbiturates
  •       Benzodiazepines

Mouth Swab Test: Pros And Cons

You can select from a variety of drug tests. There are advantages and disadvantages to each test, too. The following are some benefits and drawbacks of mouth swab drug tests:


  • A non-invasive testing procedure that causes the test subject no pain.
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Compared to urine or follicle drug tests, offers quick results.
  • It is not necessary for the person authorized to collect the sample to be a doctor or other medical expert.
  • It is tough to tamper with the sample


  • Saliva drug test detection time for THC is the narrowest which is about 24 hours
  • The rate of accuracy is smaller compared to other drug test types
  • Those who have a dry mouth might find it hard to provide the test sample
  • Requires highly skilled people to perform this test

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