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Did you know that the question “what dinosaur has 500 teeth” receives over 1.5 million searches on Google? The Nigersaurus is the name of the dinosaur with 500 teeth, which is the solution. People also wonder how is Nigersaurus Pronounce

The long-necked dinosaur known as the Nigersaurus is distinguished by its exceptionally large, straight-edged mouth’s snout tip. It is a rebbachisaurid sauropod dinosaur, to use scientific terminology.

Beyond what is initially apparent, there is more to learn about the 500-toothed dinosaur. You’ll learn about the Nigersaurus skull’s unusual characteristics, when it was discovered, and how to pronounce its name in this post.

How Is Nigersaurus Pronounced?

Nigersaurus, according to the National History Museum, is pronounced: “nee-zhayr-sawr-us.” The name “g” is pronounced similarly to the letter “j.” Below are two methods for you to use.

Method 1

Okay, so you’re wondering what the name of this dinosaur is that has about 500 teeth. I have an answer for you, and I think it’s a great question because the dinosaur in question has a delicate skull. And a mouth that is incredibly wide, lined with teeth, many of which are designed specifically for browsing plants that are close to the ground. And this is how it got its name—it was named after the nation in Africa where it was found to be.

It was given this name by the French during their brief occupation, and this is how you pronounce it. Name I had already recorded a video stating its name and thoroughly describing it; this is why I am. I’ll direct your attention to this particular video, which you absolutely must watch if you want to learn more. Here is how to pronounce this name. If you found it helpful, please let me know in the comments.

Method 2

We’re looking at how to say more interesting as well as how to pronounce the dinosaur’s name. Additionally, there are many more of them in English, so be on the lookout for those words and names. According to legend, it had 500 teeth and was named after an African nation. The phrase “nigesaurus nishosaurus” refers to this animal because it has the French name niger rather than another word.

Ninjasaurus, as you now know, because the French gave Niger its name and because French is the official language in that country. More pronunciation tutorials for words and names that are interesting but whose pronunciations aren’t always obvious can be found here; I’ll see you then. Thank you for watching; I hope to learn more there.

Facts of 500-Toothed Dinosaur

Paleontologist Philippe Taquet found the Nigersaurus’ first skulls in the Republic of Niger in West Africa. In the course of his 1965–1972 exploration of the nation, he discovered fossils.

Another interesting fact: The Nigersaurus species’ skull was one of the first to ever be digitally recreated by CT scans. The original fossil skull was the object scanned. Cool, huh?

Let’s now examine this more closely. The skull of the Nigersaurus was tiny and fragile. Even light can travel through it because of how thin it is. The odd skull’s mouth, which is lined with more than 500 tiny teeth, is also quite broad. The upper jaw has about 68 columns of teeth, whereas the lower jaw has about 60 columns.

The Nigersaurus’ peculiar appearance is caused by its extremely wide, straight-edged, muzzle-tipped mouth and the little teeth that are jammed inside its jaw. Even Darth Vader from Star Wars and paleontologist Paul Sereno compared it to a vacuum cleaner in terms of aesthetics. Nevertheless, despite all the jokes, these are what set it apart from other dinosaurs.

Would you like to see dinosaurs that are realistic? Even if you can’t view the fantastic Nigersaurus recreation created by artist Handout, a brilliant Google app that uses augmented reality technology allows you to do that and more. Download Google Search, then use it. Or, even better, invest in a lifelike dinosaur costume and make your fantasies come true!

Skull of The Nigersaurus

Unlike other dinosaurs with longer necks, Nigersaurus has four Fenestra apertures in its head, which are more noteworthy. However, the skull’s durability allowed it to withstand the 500 teeth’s shearing. Additionally, its nostrils were long and bony.

They had shorter snouts. Interesting, though, was that Nigersaurus possessed shorter snouts. Their snot tip was proportionate to the tooth series, and their tooth row was not prognathous. The absence of an extended skull and a prominent depression in the brain area were two other distinguishing characteristics of the Nigersaurus. Additionally, their maxillary tooth was rotated in the same manner as their lower jaw. Its mouth could fit all 500 of its teeth thanks to this special characteristic.

For their carnivorous lifestyle, their teeth were perfectly suited. The teeth in the lower jaw were 20–30% smaller than those in the upper jaw. In addition, the teeth featured uneven enamel and bent tooth crowns (thicker on the outside). They were able to uproot plants as a result.

Size And Weight of The Nigersaurus

Like all sauropods, Nigersaurus was quadruped with a tiny skull, thick hind legs, and a prominent tail. The 30-foot-long Nigersaurus was diminutive, with a 3-foot-tall femur as its lone limb.

A modern elephant weighs about 4.4 tonnes, which is about how much Nigersaurus did. Its neck was short for an animal. The majority of rebbachisaurids had necks that were 10 meters (33 feet) or shorter. Only one member of the family grew to grow as large as a sauropod.

Characteristics of The Nigersaurus

Did you know that despite having a long neck, the Nigersaurus can’t raise its head very high to eat? Instead, it cropped food like a modern cow and used its extraordinarily broad mouth, which was lined with thin teeth. The Nigersaurus was actually more of a ground-dwelling plant-browsing dinosaur. Because new teeth erupt every 14 days, this dinosaur doesn’t have to worry about wearing down its chompers while it consumes food.

The Nigersaurus’ mouth structure is another interesting feature. It is the only tetrapod known to science that has jaws that are wider than its skull.

Lastly, in comparison to other well-known sauropods, it is a petite long-necked dinosaur. Only 30 feet long and weighing around four tons, the Nigersaurus was little. With roughly 13 cervical vertebrae, its neck was likewise relatively short.

Habitat & Discovery of The Nigersaurus

Between 115 and 105 million years ago, in a landlocked region of modern-day West Africa, the dinosaur with 500 teeth was alive. The predatory dinosaur such as minus shared a lush environment with the Nigersaurus. Additionally, it lived in the same area as the plant-eating dinosaurs Ouranosaurus, Elrhazosaurus, and Lurdusaurus. One of the species that were most prevalent at the time was the Nigersaurus.

Its ancient habitat consisted primarily of inland floodplains. But at the present, the majority of Niger is desert. The Niger River, a significant body of water, sustains the nation.

Both the nation of Niger and the Nigersaurus take their names from that river. Nigersaurus taqueria was given the name by paleontologist Paul Sereno during a trip he led in the Sahara Desert in 1999. During those expeditions, more complete Nigersaurus skeleton remains were discovered.

The generic name Nigersaurus, which honors the location where it was discovered, translates to “Niger reptile.” The particular name is given in honor of Philippe Taquet, a paleontologist who was the first to plan extensive trips to Niger.

Don’t Google Which Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth

The Don’t Google joke that went viral mostly on Reddit was Which Dinosaur Had 500 Teeth. People will see “Nigersaurus” search results when they Google “which dinosaur had 500 teeth.” By claiming that the dinosaur’s name is a play on the N-word, they caution against doing this.

Clarifying Information Regarding The Nigersaurus

If you first heard the name of the Nigersaurus through internet forums, you might be astonished to learn that it was a dinosaur that actually existed. The name of the Nigersaurus might have come up in a search engine’s autocomplete recommendations. In addition, there’s a chance that you’ve seen memes like “OK dinosaur with 500 teeth” or “don’t google dinosaur with 500 teeth.”

Those are in fact racial slurs, in case that helps. Additionally, they are a terrible joke shared by rude, ignorant people who don’t know much about dinosaurs. Sick Reddit users frequently utilize them as jokes to startle unaware internet users by making a reference to the name of the Nigersaurus.

We advise against making those offensive jokes and laughing at them as well. Everyone may focus their attention on more worthwhile activities, such as watching football. Watching sick jokes on forums online is not worth anyone’s time or attention.

A reliable dinosaur blog is a great resource for research on dinosaurs that you may use or recommend to friends. Learning about the dinosaurs will increase one’s knowledge while also providing fun learning opportunities.

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